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I'll start by saying I don't believe in coincidence. I think everything happens for a very specific reason. Tonight was a tiny example of that.

I started my therapy session tonight by talking about my process of obtaining my Swedish citizenship papers and new plans to visit and possibly live in Sweden in a couple years. When thinking and doing the work around discovering my biological family, I've decided that there's not just healing here in Canada, but to truly heal, I feel like I have to go all the way back to the very beginning. Where it started with my birth mother in a tiny town called Boras. I want to walk to same streets and experience some of the same things and learn about her original culture.

One of the burning questions I had though, was how to connect the dots from Sweden to Vancouver. It seemed like there were a lot of stops they could have made along the way. Why here? Was it work, family, to simply get as far from Sweden's borders as possible?

My therapist filled in the blanks for me, because he too had a family member come over from Sweden around the same time. The story he told me was people from Sweden entered via New York after the war (which my birth mother did as well) and when they landed on American soil, the question immigrants always had was "where do you suggest we go". The answer was always a simple as "Vancouver, it has the most beauty and opportunity." So many took the train across the US and then up into Canada to settle.

And while this small detail on its face doesn't seem like much, it does fill in one gap in the bigger puzzle for me. One question, that even if I never meet my birth family, lends itself as the most likely explanation and a question I can now set down. Don't worry, there's a million more where that came from. Knowing how it started helps.

So to the universe, or to my gut instinct, or whatever caused my to choose this specific brain man in a list of possible therapists online the day I decided to take this head dive, thank you. It answered a personal question on my healing journey. It just goes to show everyone is put in your path for a reason.

See ya tomorrow.




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