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It was the end of a long day and I was dragging my ass through the front door, glad to be home, and feeling a little bit hangry. My 20 year old had arrived home a few minutes earlier than me and was standing in the doorway of his bedroom. "Hi mom, how was your day?" "Hi bud. Long, I'm exhausted. How about you?"

We chatted for a few minutes about work, up coming plans, cracked a few dry jokes (he has his dad's awesome sense of humor) and then we starting discussing what we should have for dinner. As I was walking down the hall, my son on my heels, I hear him say "So guess what happened today?" "What?" i replied, half waiting for a work story about how his uncle was late again, or another young kid got fired. "Someone read your blog."

"What?? What do you mean? How do you know?" I replied. My face contorted and the 'fuck off' lines on my forehead creased to the max. "I was showing Sam (his girlfriend) the cups you make. She was asking me because I keep talking about them but she's never seen one, so I showed her your website."

I stood dead still in the bathroom door, not really sure what to say next. Did I just hear my son say he has been bragging about me? The son, who every time I make a cup always just calmly and coolly says "yeah that cool mom" or "yeah, that's neat", giving it a glance and walking away. "You mean the cups that are just ok?" I replied chuckling. "I honestly thought you didn't care and had stopped paying attention." He chuckled and turned away slightly to hide his embarrassment. He quickly turned back and responded with "She read your blog too. She thinks your a girly girl. Don't worry, I told her you can throw a punch too." I burst out laughing. "Not untrue, but maybe leave that last part out next time." I said in a quieter tone, slightly self conscious and thinking back my 20's when I thought picking bar fights was cool.

We both made some wise crack about it, and carried on about our night. Humor is our coping strategy in this house, and I think we were both feeling awkward in that moment.

Here was the take away from that for me. Kids at any age don't stop watching. Every time I think my son is bored of me, he pops up with some story about something I did when I thought he wasn't paying attention. I was a little proud that I could model my work ethic and my passion for something. I hope he's inspired by it and keeps running with it in his life. I'm so proud of him. I love what he's doing and excited to see where he's going. I was also really honored that he shared that story with me. He knows I don't take compliments or recognition really well, but I think he also knew I needed to hear it, so if he is reading this, thank you and I love you! You teach me every day. If Sam is reading this, also thank you, I appreciate the support.

To whoever might be reading this, what is something you model for you kids? If you don't have kids, what is it you model for other people? Share your story. I love being inspired.




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