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With the thought of a continental move in a couple years on my mind today, I couldn't help but reflect on how I got to this place. If you would've asked me 3 years ago if I thought I would consider moving abroad I would've laughed at you!

Truth is, I got here because I've made one scary decision after another. I keep showing up, and I keep saying yes.

Nearly 3 years ago one of my closest friends had read one my blogs and came to me with a proposition for me to write a piece for a book called Pursuit 365. If you've never heard of it, that's ok. Either had I at the time. It was about to go into it's second edition and they were still accepting co - authors. My friend jumped at the opportunity to push me outside my comfort zone, and dared me to take a chance. I was terrified. The book is 365 co authors that write 365 words about an inspirational story, person or leadership role that can be uplifting and encouraging to other people. It's a feel good coffee table book that is meant to move and motivate you.

I tried to convince myself that I couldn't do it and I wasn't good enough, but my friend wasn't backing down and eventually with the encouragement of her and the director of marketing for the book, I went for it.

That was the trigger that changed everything. Finding the courage to put myself out there once, and succeed (the book went on to become an amazon best seller for the second year in a row) I dared to do it again. I wrote for Pursuit 365: Business Edition which will be released Jan 2024. When my friend came to me with an opportunity to expand my side hustle, I did it scared, but again it's been successful and I'm looking towards a 3rd vendor. When she came to me again with a chance to produce a short film, I didn't hesitate. I did it terrified and with zero experience in the industry, but took it on none the less. That film has gone on to win double digits in awards during it's film festival circuit.

Here we are 3 years later I'm daring myself to do the next big thing that scares me, which is to once and for all discover what my birth family is all about. I have zero idea where this leads (other than Sweden), but that's kind of been the theme for the last 3 years. Show up scared, but show up anyways.

The point to this post, is to anyone reading this and wondering what the distance is between where you are and what you want, it's fear. Take the long as it's not hurting you or others, jump! My journey started with just 365 words. Where will you be in 3 years?

See you tomorrow.




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