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Clean beds, pillows, and other things fabric....

Norwex sells mattress cleaner!! Every once and a while Norwex does flash sales. These last for 48 hrs and the items change every time. Last month they had a flash sale on pillow cases and mattress cleaner. The pillow cases and mattress cleaner were both on my wish list so I jumped at the chance!

Lets start with the Norwex pillow cases. My hair wakes up smooth, and untangled. It actually behaves itself while I sleep :) As an added bonus, it stays soft. I found with cotton ones, it's almost like it soaked up the natural oils and left my hair feeling dry.

Bonus guys! For anyone who spends money on eye lashes....these are kind to those too! No breakage.

The mattress cleaner, I used on my pillows as well as my mattress. If your like me and often wake up a bit congested in the mornings, using the Norwex mattress cleaner on my pillows has definitely helped relieve some of that congestion!

Mattress cleaner is great for using comforters, pet bedding, fluffy toys and fabric furniture as well!!

The degreaser and paste are 2 of my go to's as I took this pic off my desk upon arrival, so I didn't filter well lol. Feel free to ask any questions or if you'd like to order a product click below!

Pillow cases (standard size - set of two) color (white) item #309400

color (grey) item #309404

Pillow cases (king size - set of 2) color (grey) item #309402

Mattress cleaner (with nozzle) item #600008

(without nozzle) item #1101