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I had a much overdue meeting the other night with my business partner. I love having those because it always lights my fire. We are very like minded and so when we put our brains together the ideas just flow. She also has a way of holding me accountable, which, with 49 irons in the fire, sometimes I need. It's easy for me to lose track of where I'm at.

This year, that includes budget as well! I have very specific goals this year. And lots of them! Like everything else though, it requires an insane amount of money. I'm terrible for frivolous spending. $10 here, $20 there, $ 50 for this, $100 for that. It all adds up. Now that we're already half way through January and I don't have a lot accomplished off my goal list I've had to pause and look at why....

You can imagine what the answer is. Yup, my shit spending habits. For the past 1.5hrs I've had to go back to very basic addition and subtraction and find where the hell all the money is going. The answer is down the drain. I have to own this. My champagne lifestyle on a beer budget is killing my goals.

The good news is, I have the ability to correct that. If you're in the same boat I am right now, whether you're trying to recover from credit card debt, you're under a mountain because of Christmas, or you're like me and think the month is long, so you rationalize by saying so is the income....stop. Pivot now. You got this. And just like me, the good news is, you can correct it.

For me this means cutting back on the coronas and frivolous spending on things that add no value to my goals. The key, is goals! I know what mine are, what are some of yours? What are you willing to sacrifice to get them? It's time to get deliberate. Let's do this together!

Chat tomorrow.



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