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Spring(ish) into Spring Cleaning...

We all know it's coming....

The sun!

With that comes a renewed spring in our step, but also, the dreaded Spring clean.

What are the areas you dread most? Maybe it's the kids rooms with the toy and clothing change over. Maybe it's the garage with putting away the winter gear and getting out the bikes and bbq's.

What are the biggest challenges? Maybe you hate heights so windows are your least favorite? Maybe mobility issues have you down, so getting behind all the appliances are a challenge.

If you had a magic cleaning fairy what would be on the top of your to do list? Maybe it's the blinds. Maybe you'd like a deep clean of base boards and wall scuffs. Maybe the kitchen to get out all the grease and cooking build up from having the windows closed all winter. Just's the blinds isn't it? LOL.

The above picture is actually of my living room and dining room. It's mid conversion into my office/studio for the start up business I have on the side where i design cups and giftware. I'm currently designing 250 cups for the 2nd annual BC Women in Law Enforcement's conference and luncheon. I've got boxes, set up stations, and materials literally from one end to the other. My spring clean is this mayhem!

If you feel you need a hand finding your way back to some sort of organization, feel free to reach out under the contact button at the top and we can set up an appointment time. I'm happy to help, and organizing is my favorite!


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