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Pantry organization in 3 easy steps...

One of the biggest areas of the house I get asked to organize is the pantry. Between dog treats, kids snacks, lunch boxes and the plastic bag of plastic bags that all of us adults accumulate, the pantry is often one of the biggest dumping grounds.

Shut the door, noone has to know! (except maybe me)

I do 3 things when I organize any space:

1) pull everything out. Sometimes you can only do one shelf at a time, that's ok...but empty it completely.

2) get rid of any expired food (or in my case, I typically set aside and let the home owners decide when they get home)

3) organize into stations (ie: kids snacks, baking goods, cereal, etc)

Things are tight right now....I totally get it! Not everyone can have a "home edit" style pantry, but getting a few plastic containers or baskets (even from the dollar store) and a couple chalk labels which they sometimes have in their craft isle) can do wonders for keeping things in the right place.

Stations is really the most critical part of the pantry or cupboard. As long as you can do that, it makes grocery shopping and meal prep faster and easier for those long weekdays or weekends. (providing your family throws away any empty packaging when they've used it up!)

I'm also going to be adding my own labels for purchase in my online store, under "shop" if your needing a little organization help around the home. Stay tuned!


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