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Norwex does dishes...

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Cleaning doesn't always have to mean bathrooms and floors. If you're like me, sometimes your kitchen isn't equipped with a dishwasher .. or worse, yours is broken! When that happens, to the sink we go, I feel ya folks, it's no party!

There are two things that save the day on dishwashing duty....aside from the weeks that my son spends at his dads (no joke, if you have teens, you know how many dishes they hoard lol!). The Norwex netted dish cloth and the Norwex kitchen towel. I have never had my dishes come out this streak free....ever!

Let's talk netted dishcloth. Don't be alarmed that it has holes! I remember the first time I saw it. My first response was "who would buy a cloth with holes in it? That's gotta be fake news." I've had to eat those words ever since! That cloth with holes gets everything from baked on food on casserole dishes, frying pans, pots, all the way down to my ninja foodi....without scratching! Now, seriously...give. me. all. the. netted. dish. cloths...

To get your Norwex netted dishcloths, click here... item# 3556

Now about that kitchen towel, don't worry, it doesn't have holes lol! However, I have done up to 4 sinks full of dishes before having to trade in for a new towel. I realize I just made myself sound like a terrible house keeper in that sentence...but think Christmas dinner lol!! Streak free dry every time. We have clear drinking glasses in our home, and I never have to worry about greasy smears that I would get from other towels any more.

To get your Norwex kitchen towel click here... item# 410 (there's also a variety of colors)

Norwex dishwashing liquid... item# 600003

For those lucky ones that have operating dishwashers in your house, Norwex also carries products for you!

Norwex Ultrazyme dishwasher powder... item#403474

Norwex dishwasher rinse aid plus.... item# 467

Hopefully I haven't overloaded your brain on products!! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out :)


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