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Is it sunny where you are?

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

I have always struggled to get that streak free shine on windows that my mom gets using just newspaper and a bottle of vinegar and water. I think it's the power of moms. They tend to make things look far easier than they really are. Maybe my mom swears a lot under her breath while she was doing them, but some how they always come out spotless.

I have never really liked Windex. I know for a lot of people that works, but for some reason it always makes me sneeze. I used to use vinegar and water with paper towel or a rag. I've now switched to the Norwex window cloth. Spray your glass as usual, wipe with your window cloth folded in 4. That way as one side gets dirty you can flip, unfold, refold and have several different sides to use before needing to rinse or get a new one. No waste, no fuss. Some wet the cloth and wring out as dry as they can, but both ways work!

*move out clean, using a Norwex window cloth - summer 2021*

Are you like my mom, and a master at windows?

To get your own Norwex window cloth... item# 705024

There are plenty of other colors and patterns...just type in "window cloth" in search bar.


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