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Updated: Jun 15


I all to often find myself hyper focused on what's falling apart, or what needs fixing. I don't know if this is a mom thing or an individual thing, but I wanted to do a simple gratitude check with myself today and wondered who else wanted or needed to pause to do the same.

Its a dreary, rainy day out, and I could focus on the mood that puts me in, or I could be grateful I was able to put 2 feet on the floor this morning and see it. Some didn't get the privilege.

I woke up today tired and a bit lethargic and could sit in that, but instead I'm going to be grateful for a life style that allows me weekends off to rest if need to.

I'm pressuring myself to get my 2024 "manifest list" done because there's only 5.5 mths left of the year and I feel behind, but I need to be grateful that I have a career that affords me some of the things I'm accomplishing on that list!

It would be easy to get in a mood because my daughter is still giving me the silent treatment, but my attention is better focused on the fact that my youngest son is home and present, and has brought his gf for a weekend visit, although I threatened to take out the baby photos, so that might change soon!

I'm looking around the room and my weights are sitting on the floor behind me, taunting me. I'm already running the excuses and complaining in my head about how I don't want to work out, but in all honesty, I need to be grateful for a body that is healthy and capable of movement.

And as I'm sitting here typing this all out, I can hear an ambulance and couple blocks over heading out of the station, sirens going, and another one go flying past my office window. If that's not a stark reminder that your day could always be worse, I don't know what is.

Time to get after the rest of the day...

PS: I'm also grateful that my son and his gf just used the kitchen and did their dishes own afterwards... IYKYK



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