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Got pets? Get Roomba...

You will never regret it!

I've had one for the last 10 yrs, and I can't think of a more appropriate appliance to have in your entire house...except maybe a coffee maker!

Each brand has there own version of this. As a house cleaner who's had the opportunity to use them all, nothing out does the Roomba in terms of robotic vacuums. It's a common concern among my customers that it won't go between carpet and floor. It does. As well as transitions between rooms. If you have a shag area rug, I likely won't be able to make the leap over the edge of the carpet, however the long strands would have it stuck in it's tracks anyways.

The Roomba has sensors underneath it, so it won't go down the stairs if you have them. For extra caution you can also use what they call the invisible wall...which is just a little black box you set on the floor (mine looks like a flask, but the newer ones are even smaller) that shoots a beam across that it won't cross.

When I originally bought it, I had 2 short haired dogs, a cat, a child under 10 & a husband....both dogs have passed, the husband and I have moved on, and that young child is now a young man. It's still my go to savior!

They are a little pricey. They start around $400, essentially the same price as a good vacuum. I've had mine for 10 years and the only thing that's gone "wrong" per say, is eventually I had to buy a new battery for it.

PS: don't buy the ones on amazon, they don't last long and only give you about 30 mins vaccuum time vs. 2 hrs with a battery right from Roomba.

When you purchase the Roomba it will come with extra brushes, filters etc. They are super simple to swap out and these I don't mind buying amazon, I found them about equal in value. If you've got a pet, a child or a spouse and you're asking yourself if the Roomba is worth it? The answer is yes!


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