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Clean on a budget...

I talk a lot about Norwex and it's amazing cleaning abilities, but let's be's not affordable for everyone, and not everyone loves having to shop online. So what are some more cost effective but efficient ways to clean your home? Here are some of the tricks that even I still use from time to time!

Q) Build up on shower glass?

A) Magic eraser

Click here for reference or to order online from AMAZON...these are also available in your local grocery stores:

Q) Dirty kitchen sinks?

A) Vim cleaning cream

Click here for reference or to order online through AMAZON...also available in the cleaning isle in your local grocery store:

Q) Favorite multi purpose cleaner?

A) Anything by "Method" brand cleaning products

Click here for reference, of course these too are available in person, but not in all grocery stores. My go to for this product is my local Canadian Tire or Shoppers Drug Mart:

Q) How to clean those stubborn blinds?

A) Socks to dust, or if really dirty, Method brand degreaser and a microfiber cloth.

Q) Dirty windows?

A) Vinegar and water mixture in spray bottle

Q) Build up in a tub?

A) A dab of shampoo and warm water

Q) Stubborn water ring in the toilet?

A) Pumice stone

Click here for reference or to order from AMAZON (I bought a 2 pack from my local dollarama for $4 as well) :

Q) Grout cleaning?

A) Toothbrush and baking soda paste made with just baking soda and a bit of water

Q) Stainless steel?

A) Weimans stainless steel wipes.

Click here to see the reference or to order online from RONA...these can be found in most grocery stores and on amazon as well:

Q) Polishing taps and others stainless steel?

A) Microfiber cloth, costco or walmart brand will do. (although when I originally started out, all I had was cut up old towels and that worked too. The key is to make sure it's soft and absorbent.)

A) Glass top stoves?

B) Utility knife (one with a straight edge blade, not a diagonal one) and weimans cleaning paste

Click here to see the reference, or order from Amazon:

If you have a surface you can't seem to get clean, send me a message, I'll do my best to help!