It all started as a challenge issued from a friend of mine in the summer of 2021 to write a published piece. To be honest, I hesitated and told myself a million reasons why I couldn't, but then I remembered something a facilitator taught me in college; "Being uncomfortable is an opportunity for growth."

When that same friend asked me again in the fall, I went for it. The result? I'm officially a co - author in of Pursuit 365: Volume 2!! I'm proud to say we made Amazon's best seller list in a few different categories, we can be found in Barnes & Noble, Target shelves along with their Pinterest, and just this year became available in 6 different countries!

The book is about 365 amazing Canadians and their personal stories in the pursuit of success, happiness and achievement. If you feel like being inspired, this book will do that. Click the button below to get your copy.

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