Hi everyone. I'm happy to meet you all!

My name is Sharley Neill, and I am the entrepreneur behind West End Renegade. 

I've been my own boss for nearly two decades and absolutely love it! It's definitely not your typical 9 - 5 job, but I've never really fit that lifestyle anyways. I prefer to live my life (mostly) on my own terms. Maybe you can relate?

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West End Renegade is a combination of all the different sides of me. My cleaning business comes naturally. I've always liked things a certain way and in their proper place. I started my cleaning career in the hotel industry, eventually branching out on my own, and have never looked back.


My journey with Norwex followed after years of breathing in chemicals in my cleaning business. Often I would go home with a sore throat and nasal congestion. I knew I wasn't sick all the time, and began to realize the symptoms weren't as bad on a Monday as they were on a Friday. The change was easy. Norwex is a Norwegian company that takes the chemicals out of cleaning and is eco friendly. I now use it in both my businesses, and in my home. I love it so much that I've even became a Norwex independent sales consultant.


Writing is one of my oldest passions. As a child I wrote in diaries and scribbled elaborate stories for school. As an adult I've often blogged off and on, and find writing a quite cathartic. Having the chance to co - author this year and share some of that has been an absolute honor!


My online store is a great way for me to exercise my creative side. There is something in seeing the finished product and knowing "I did that" that has always been kind of neat for me.


Events are a great way to share what I do and what I love with other people while doing a little business too!

West End Renegade prides itself in it's core values: Integrity, honesty, accountability & commitment to it's customers. Whether it's a service provided or a product order placed, I do my very best to deliver quality service every time.

I am a firm believer in giving back. Whether it's just one back pack filled with school supplies in the fall, a turkey dinner for a family in need at Christmas, or a free draw for someone who otherwise wouldn't receive a product or a service, it's important for me to stay humble, and to give a hand up, not a hand out.

If you think West End Renegade would be a fit for you, feel free to get in contact. I'd love to connect!

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